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Short hand for “American Land Title Association/American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. This type of survey is usually reserved for commercial properties such and industrial property, stores and apartment buildings. ALTA/ACSM surveys are unique in that there is a predetermined list of items that the client can request certain items to be included or excluded from the survey. In Massachusetts land transactions are done on a “caveat emptor”1 basis. As a result most commercial lenders require that anyone one who borrows money on a commercial property purchase title insurance to protect the lender in the event a title or ownership problem should be discovered. Over the years the title insurance industry and the surveying community have agreed upon what should be disclosed or discovered by an ALTA/ACSM survey. Should an owner purchase an owner’s title insurance policy and ALTA/ACSM survey would be required. If such a survey is not provided the insurance policy the policy usually contains the disclaimer the all items that may be discovered an ALTA/ACSM survey are excluded from coverage. As sellers are not required to disclose (or even be aware of) possible defects in title, encroachments and possible adverse possession, unless specifically asked, an ALTA/ACSM survey is good way to protect a buyer’s and lender’s title. As the requirements and specifications of this type of survey are always changing, we never recommend that an old survey be used.

1 Latin for “Let the buyer beware”.




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