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Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is usually performed when existing deed descriptions and prior plans are no longer adequate to fix the location of the property boundaries on the ground. Over time survey monuments are destroyed, disturbed or otherwise modified so that they no longer provide an accurate reference point. Only a boundary survey performed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor can correct this condition. Boundary surveys in Massachusetts are governed by something called “Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulations”, CMR for short. While not a law passed by the Legislature, these regulations have the same effect and legal authority as a bill passed in the House and Senate and signed by the Governor. The section that governs boundary surveys is “250 CMR Section 6.00” A copy of these regulations are posted on the web site of the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure and have been in effect since 1985. In the course of performing a boundary survey the professional survey will not only trace back the chain of title1 for the subject property, but also for the properties that abut or share a common boundary with locus2. The surveyor will then use his experience and training to determine where to place the property lines of record on the ground. New monuments may be set or referenced. A plan suitable for recording at the Registry of Deeds will then be prepared that show the results of the boundary survey. Most of the land parcels in Massachusetts were created on a piece meal basis over a period of 350 years. Some have record plans and as it most aspects of life, all land records are not created equal in accuracy and quality. Only a boundary survey can make that determination. Anyone who requests a boundary survey should obtain a written estimate of the cost, time frame and owner’s requirements.

1 . The “chain of title” to a property is the record of descriptions and conveyances to a property that is recorded at the Registry of Deeds for the County in which the property is located.

2 . Short hand term for subject property.




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