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Lot Stake Outs

A lot stake out was so named because a surveyor would mark the property corners and lines with wooden stakes. At the present time Anderson Surveys, Inc. marks the property corners with more durable semi-permanent markers such as a rebar with a plastic or aluminum cap. A lot stake out typically is performed on a property that is already shown on an existing plan or record or has a deed description that is readily reproduced. An abutter’s deed is not normally checked in the course of performing a lot stake out, as it is often assumed that there are no title problems to be resolved. Lot stake outs are most commonly requested when preparing to erect a new structure of some type, i.e. a fence, house addition, shed or some type of physical improvement to a property. Contrary to popular belief often times the size of the property to be “staked” has less to do with the cost of the stake out than the degree of difficulty involved in reproducing the lot line locations. Usually the degree of difficulty can be linked to the age of the property description. A lot in a suburban subdivision that is ten years old can be much easier to “stake out” than a 50’ X 100’ lot in a city on a block that was last surveyed 100 years ago. The cost to “stake” one lot line is usually not that much less than “staking” the entire property.





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